Have you ever… activity

I’d like to describe the Have you ever… activity I did with my 5th formers (12 y.o.).  I chose this activity because we have recently covered Preset Perfect and it is a good activity to revise it. No extra materials are needed, only the teacher and the students are involved. The teacher has to prepare a set of questions that are interesting for students and are related to their experience. I learnt about the activity at http://wilderdom.com/games/Icebreakers.html .   The teacher asks her students to make a circle. She explains that she is going to ask questions. If the answer is “yes”, a student runs to the centre of the circle and gives a high five to another student running to the centre. The teacher asks questions with Have you ever…:Have you ever been to Africa?Have you ever eaten mango?Make sure the students don’t hurt each other. Instead of giving high five, students can shake hands. My students liked the activity, but it overexcited them. To settle them down, I asked the students to do a written exercise. This kind of exercise helps create group cohesion. I think, body contact is important as it helps break barriers, though it can sometimes be embarrassing. The teacher can participate, it can help build rapport with the students.  The activity can be easily adopted. With younger learners we can ask questions such as Can you …? Have you got a ….? Do you like …?  The activity can also be used as a stirrer. It’s a good revision exercise for particular grammar points. I’ll definitely use it again, as the students liked it, but a settling activity has to follow it. I would not use it with a big group of students (there are 11 in mine). 

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