Great kids games to use with adult language learners (part three)

You've got a class of adults and they're feeling a bit tired and demotivated. Can you really use games to help improve the atmosphere?...of course you can! Some games you played as a child can be surprisingly enjoyable and motivating for adult learners, too. Here's my third and final post on games you can adapt into language learning activities...7. These are a Few of My Favorite ThingsYou know the song, now play the game! This ice breaker can be used for a change of pace or you can customize it to your topic. Ask your students for the favorite aspects of whatever it is you're studying. This has the additional bonus of giving you insights into what your students like.Possible language to uncover:Quantifiers: ‘a few of / some of’Topic specific vocabulary: ‘What do you like most about topic X?’ 8. The Girl with the ____ tattoo?Many people have wanted a tattoo since childhood. A natural first question is, ‘What kind of tattoo would you like?’ and then, ‘Where would you like it?’ Those students in class with tattoos can help you model whatever language point Possible language to uncover:Wh- questions: ‘where is it / what is it’ Body vocabulary: ‘on my arm / leg / back’ Noun phrases: ‘a picture of a…’ Causatives: ‘to get / have a tattoo done’ OK, then! Today I've given you a few classroom activities. Tomorrow I'll be blogging about something completely different: things to keep you busy on your journey to work. Join me again!

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Thanks, Eva. I'm finding it really enjoyable to post reguarly here on the blogathon. I hope people are finding my posts useful. I'll be back with more ideas tomorrow.

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Dear Adam,I think I have to bookmark the whole blog:) I will probably try all these in the 2nd module. Thank you for sharing them with us.Looking forward to reading tomorrow's post:) Best

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Adam,Since I work with adult learners, I really liked the ideas above.Thanks for sharing :)Regarding your question in the beginning, yesss I have a class of adults, feeling demotivated sometimes.I will definitely try your ideas with my students,can't wait to read your next post, Cheers,