Global English : dealing with Pronunciaton

    You know that native English  speakers do not have the same accents, so good English   pronunciation does not mean using a British or American accent, and  an accent of   none native speakers is acceptable as long as the speech is understood by other     speakers of English.       I would be very happy to learn how other teachers deal with problems arising from the     influence of mother language on the spoken performance of their students in English.      The main goal for our students is basic communication.. So as an English teacher we try     our best to demonstrate the language as perfectly as possible.... trying to preserve     the beauty of  English..... .     Pronunciation is a skill that is improved through practice.      I think nowdays there are many listening activites on INET which can be used in class     I'd like to share some of them     http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/grammar/pron/      www.eslkidslab.com                                      I'd be glad if you share your thoughts about it !!

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The problem of getting students pronounce words correctly is really a pressing one. Well I believe, that apart from doing a good job ourselves (teachers), we can make a stress on audio and video materials, where native speakers pronounce the texts or play the dialogues etc, plus watching series and films in English. It helps a lot =)

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Dear Nara,Thank you for the websites. It is true that not everyone is a native speaker, but the stress should be on good speech and good grammar. Offering the students activities and films in which they hear native speakers is a great idea.Nahla

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 Speaking and accent, (pronunciation) very important. Thanks for sharing.

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You are right Nara. This is a common problem of non native English teachers. Using the right source is really important. Apart from the links you shared, we can also use films to develop pronunciation and fluency.

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Victoria Kamchatka

youtube is a great resource too. It's so interesting that I have an Americanized accent and my Ss get used to it. When I use British English recordings, they have some difficulties with comprehension. I think the more we expose different accent and dialects, the more practice our Ss will get to tell out which one's which. The more the better!

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Hi Victoria,Thanks for the links. I use the Irish one, too - forgot to mention it in my previous post. Also Radio Singapore has a very good English-language channel.