Getting students to think #3: Finishing the lesson

Can we really get our students to think right until the end of the lesson? Let's try!Finishing off One great activity I truly advocate is that of a plenary at the end of a period of learning to draw the whole class together and review what has been covered. This activity will encourage your students to not only review what they’ve learned but also to evaluate the material itself and how they’ve gone about their learning. Here are a few simple questions / prompts which I often use that can help to ignite the discussion:

  • ‘Tell me something new that you learned today.’
  • ‘What did you like about this subject?’
  • ‘How did you perform on the tasks I set you?’
  • ‘What could you have done better?’
  • ‘Think of an appropriate homework task / task to do next time we meet.’

Any more ideas?    

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hi,Great series on getting students to think. Thanks for sharing.And my contribution to your post is a book called 'How to have creative ideas' by Edward de Bono as a reference book, full of creative ideas which also lead to creative thinking.Eva

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Thank you for the ideas, they are very useful to check attention. I would like to add: "tell me one new word that you learnt today and will never forget". :)

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Hi Yearinthelifeof,When I read your post, I started to think of a different version of your activity. How about doing this tomorrow, the first day of the second semester. My idea is to divide the class into groups and want them to form a news programme on TV.They are going to tell us what they liked about the semester holiday.Do they think it was enjoyable?What is their plan for the next year's semester break?Wht homework would they give if they were their English teacher?What are your expectations for the second term? One of them is the newscaster and the others are going to express their feelings.Do you think it works? 

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Hi again,We may also use can do statements to have them think what they have learnt so far at the end of the lesson. We may ask them to graph what they have learnt. On the horizantal axis they can write some sentences, can-do statements about the lesson, like 'I can speak about etc.)and on the vertical axis, they will put the numbers from 1 to 10 to scale themselves. They can uses their creativity for the bar chart for example they can decorate their graph with things related to the lesson.

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I haven't read that book, evab2001. Thanks for the suggestion and the positivity!

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What fantastic ideas, gulnur. I hopwe you don't mind if I borrow all of these?

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Hi, Yearinthelife Finishing the activity, occurs in theacher's mind and seeing it on students reactions .Great series on getting students to think. Thanks for sharing.

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Hi,It`s a good idea to do a feedback for a whole semester. Ss won`t even imagine about a great amount of work that they have done, and then think over  new ideas. One of the main aims og school is to teach thinking.