Fun with relative clauses games 4

I’ll be teaching Relative Clauses to my year 10 students. I’ll add some fun activities that you can use with relative clauses.
1.       Write on the board
       A teacher/ student/ friend/ teenager  is someone who
       Tell your students to complete the sentences defining each in a humorous way.
       Prepare sentence posters and display on the walls.
p.s: I avoid parent, mother, father descriptions deliberately as there may be kids without parents.
2.      Tell your students to divide an a4 size paper into three columns
       They will write a name the whole class knows on the 1st column (If you trust your students’ sincerity, tell them to write people they know, if not ask them to write a famous person’s name)
       Tell them to fold the paper so that nobody could read and pass the paper to the next student.
       Tell your students to write a statement beginning with who on the 2nd column
       Tell them to be careful with the verb (tense, person,etc)
       Fold the paper and pass
       The students will finish the relative clause on the 3rd column and read it aloud.
p.s: Before you begin the activity, show how they will do it and write a sample sentence on the board. It may look something like this:
Mrs Brown     who bought a new pullover               came to school in the morning.
This is an adaptation of consequences 
      3. The activity I described here is a great way to review or practise Relative Clauses.
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I don't teach relative clauses but my teaching partner does. I'll share the second game with her because it sounds like a lot of fun!

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Dear Eva,
Thanks for sharing!
It is really fun, we used to play this game in Turkish