Fashion Designer:)

It's my first suggestion,,I promise Singerina to gonna think one creative idea:) and I did!Would you like to be a fashion designer? I have seen most of the students have some fashion magazines in their hands..Actually these magazines are all for kids..I mean for the young primary school students. They create new clothes for Barbie or they have lots of stickers in the magazine that they create what they want. So, it came to my mind that,,We might question to our Ss: Would you like to be a fashion designer? If yes, draw the clothes & color them and write about it... What do you think? I haven't tried yet,,,I just wanna share here first,,, how can we develop this idea? Thanks;)

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Dear singerina, First task is ready from the 30 goals challange:) Left: 29 :) LOL :)OK! I did my promise and I think it the whole day today :) Please her my voice :) I look forward to reading your first one,too;)

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Dear Elena,thanks ;) It was my promise to singerina that writing this post! So, I am glad that you like it..;)

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Oooo I love it! Last year I did the topic on school uniforms and their assignment was to design (draw and describe) the school uniform they would like to wear!Great idea, designers! The new Dolce and Gabbanas! :)))) I give you mark 5! :*

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LOL:)Is it 5 with star? :) thanks partner..I love your idea,too. Wow..designing school uniforms might be great! I believe that how they are creative while drawing their Dolce & Gabbanas ;) hahha thanks dear!!!!! So what is your 29th aim? :)

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Ralina S.

Very good! If Ss fond of things that they want they can learn English with love and interest. We can give them freedom of the choice in learning

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Hi Leman,Maybe we can start with the Victoria's secret. Then we can ask them to create a cometition for fashion designers and have jury members for the designers who describe the design well.Thanks for the idea.

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Hi, LemanYes, the students( mostly 9-13) always have these kind of magazines with them. They like posters of their favourites, and as you told "fashion". They are interested in more instead their lessons. I only smile. (of course I warn of negative results)thanks...Note! Have you got any documents of NBTS-9-10-11-12 (NEW BRİDGE TO SUCCEES)?VOCABULARY, STRUCTURE, QUESTIONS AND MORE.. If you share I'll be glad...