Emotions and Laughing together;)

Have you ever tried by using your three emotions :) In an Angry way, Happy way and Sad way together..Believe me you gonna admire the faces of yoru students :) You can try it with young learners and even with adults... Nice to warm up and teach in this way..;)Exp: I said,Ok now,,pretend like you are very angry and tell me the new word or sentence. Let's say we choose What a mess! We want to teach them this.They can all say in an angry way,, I tried it and laughed a lot:)Then they say What a mess! with a happy mood and with smiling :) Later on they tried in a sad mood :) They are very crazy.. You gonna be happy while whatching them...;) At last, you gonna combine the three emotions together;)We have fun while working like this!!!!! Hope you like it,too...;)Waiting your comments by using emotions during teaching;)

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Hi  Leman,This will be a great warm up or a wonderful filler whenever you feel the students are bored and don't want to do the things you have to do. sometimes a good laugh will enable us to continue in high spirit.Thanks for sharing.Eva

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Hi, thanks for your positive comments;) as you said it is great warm up and a wonderful filler;) High spirit is very important;)

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Elena Nikitina

I  like this idea very much and agree with you that emotions are our helpers

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Dear Elena, thanks for your comments... I have the same idea with you,,, emotions are our helpers,,, thanksss ;)