Domino Game for Primary Kids.

Now I want to share the following issue with you, my friends. One of the primary groups I am teaching now is a group of absolutely talented children with whom we not only study the course book successfully but also manage to prepare for their first international exam – YLE. They know grammar, use rich lexis and speak well as they are supposed to at this level but the only problem with them is writing or, to be more precise, the accuracy and here I mean spelling of words. So, I started to think how to make my students know the spelling of words and not to waste much time on training ‘how-to-write-words’ exercises. Finally, a game came into my mind – DOMINO. I created it myself and tried it at the lesson. I must confess, I liked the results when my students began to write better and now I am using it with all my primary groups. I wish to present it to you. Who knows, maybe, it will be of great help to you too. It’s so simple: Prepare cards with pictures (words within the topic you study), with numbers and a dice. Arrange your students at one table in one team or you may organize two teams and hold a short competition “who is the fastest domino player”. Explain the rules of the game to your students: Each player should throw the dice and according to the number on the dice, he or she should find the word (a card with the picture on it) with the same number of letters, spell the word and put the first domino card on the line and the card with the same number next to it. Then players in turn throw the dice. The line of cards should have the numbers from two (maybe, three) to the highest number. If there are words with the same numbers of letters, they become branches of our main line. Present your students for correct answers: prepare “stars” to give to each of the students who answers correctly. Announce the necessary numbers of “stars” for a five, for a four and so on. Good luck!

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Thanks for your sharing:) That is one of my problems with my group and I play some games to improve their spelling and writing. But , ı loved your game and definitely use it in my classroom. I'm eager to see the results and surely I will share it with you :) Happy blogging:)

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Thanks for your sharing:) Such an easy thing to do can really "upgrade" your lesson. Definitely worth trying in my classroom.