Do your students know about cyberbullying?

It is a very threatening and serious problem for children spread through digital means such as text messages and social networking sites. How can you help your students if they are bullied by the internet?  I always say to my students Do unto others as you would have them done unto you. Fortunately, we don't have cyberbullying problems in Armenia yet but all in all I am greatly concerned about it. If you have such problems, please share your thoughts with me!Thanks!

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Thanks a lot dear Anna for your useful sharing, link, I mean. You know that we don't have such problems in Armenian schools yet. But all in all we should explain our students what it is or what it is not. Thanks!

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Hello,I think that cyberbullying is a very crucial issue for teens and though it isn't included in the coursebook of my 15 year old students i always devote a few lessons on this topic using the wonderful material of this site:http://www.nsteens.org/videos/cyberbullying/It has got amazing videos, some with real teenagers talking about cyberbullying. there is a lot of downloadable matwrial there and worksheets. Hope you find it useful.Nikie Greece 

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Hi Greece Thanks a lot for your link. The discussion was excellent and my students watched it with me with pleasure . They are now so well-informed in this sphere. Cyberbullying  is really a serious problem and we all will be aware of it. Thanks once more for your sharing!