Culture corner,

In my opinion main course books should have a culture corner so that students will have the chance to learn more about other countries' customs, habits and cultural diversity. They will be more aware of different lands except theirs. Besides the students will come up with a variety of activities with the introduction of other nations. They might feel a desire for travelling to those cities as well. I am fond of learning anything about abroad and so my dear students are.

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Hi, sevil, Culture corner, is a good idea.Periodically it would be replaced by news. It will be visual for students. You can also want them seacrh about before and after lessons. (Leman's links for example)thanks...

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Nara MJ

     Thanks for you post, teachersevil,     This issue is my favourite one to teach! Our course books contain      such information for all grades.  They are GB, the USA, Canada, Australia,     India and other. Usually it is studied using different methods       KWL chart,  T-shape  table, Venn diagramm. Ss create PowerPoint presentations    upon  the theme to make it visual and enjoyable.      Good luck!

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Nara MJ

 I'd like to share my PowerPoint presentations for you but didn't know how to do!:)