Brit icons: Hugh Laurie

 Hello, my dear colleagues! I’d like to talk to you about the people without whom one can’t imagine Great Britain nowadays. Hugh Laurie is one of my favourite actors. He is in fact not only a wonderful actor but also a voice artist, comedian, writer, musician, recording artist, and director. His film works (and especially sketch shows) make me enjoy the English language at its best. In the beginning of his career he starred in the Blackadder series, and created an extraordinary duet in the hilarious A Bit of Fry and Laurie show. However, I think most people remember his brilliant performance in the film adaptation of Jeeves and Wooster stories by P. G. Wodehouse’s stories. In my opinion these episodes can be shown to ss as they are both hilarious and full of wonderful language use. The current stage of Hugh’s career is connected with House MD where he proves his class on the American TV and worldwide. This series is sometimes used in medical institutions for training ss and it shows how professionally it’s done. It’s interesting to see how Hugh works at his accent and what difficulties he faces – there are some interviews on youtube where he explains everything in his hilarious manner. This could be shown to ss to understand the peculiarities of the American English better. In one of the shows he was invited he describes his first cold like this: It's the first cold of my whole life. I'm excited about it because for so many years I believed that I didn't get colds because, basically, nothing could live in this body. I was so addled with booze and cigarettes... but it appears I have curb appeal after all. It was a pleasant surprise for me that he’s a talented writer. I really enjoyed his book called The Gun Seller – he can play with the language, taking into consideration his Cambridge background. He’s a voice actor in many audiobooks and in 2011 his debut blues album Let Them Talk was released (and I enjoy listening to it). I think Hugh Laurie is a versatile person and he shows his talent in everything he does. And what do you think? 

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Mike Le Prof

Thank you for your interest, Anna!That's exactly the interview I mentioned when speaking about Br/Am variations. In fact, that's not the whole interview. The rest of it is worth watching too:)