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The wind howls past my windows and snow piles up outside while I'm trying to write my blogging impressions.Most of the bloggers wrote on blogathon metaphors  that describe the experience we all had here. If I remember right Merve compared our experience to a big snowball. Snow reminds me of our hidden talents and abilities, the potential that many of us never get to realize because it is concealed under snow. But when sunlight shows itself like this opportunity of blogathon, then our gifts are nurtured and reflected on these blog posts. Reading always brought me joy but writing has also fascinated me. When I give myself over to the writing, I feel like living two lives; my own and that of my inspired world which is often far more exciting. I believe by doing what we love – whether it is learning, teaching, acting or stringing words together to write a blog – our talents grow. The world of inspiration never sleeps; all we have to do is tune in. We all wanted to create something good and useful here. Yet what we admire about other bloggers usually goes much deeper than the way they look. I tried to do my best and hope my posts emerge fully into the world of blogs. I’ll end this post with one of my favourite songs, In My Life – Beatles. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6TvegK-IUE For whoever reads, comments or just drops by my blog, In my life, I love you more… 

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Dear Crystalheart,All these snow storms in our countries created magic and during the blogathon we read beautiful posts by colleagues and this is one of them.Great post, thanks for sharing your feelings.Cheers,Eva

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Thanks Eva,It is really a pleasure for me to meet with distinguished colleagues through this blogathon.I'm grateful to British Council for the opportunity.

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 "The first duty of love is to listen" - Paul TillichAnd I think that we have listened to one another by reading each others posts in this blogathon.Thank you for sharing,Sharona. 

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Thanks Sharona,As I said reading the posts is the greatest joy for me.

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Dear Leman, thank you for all of your support.

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Dear crystalheart,I loved your post , great ! Today I also blogged about what I feel and what it is like to be a part of this wonderful experience. All together, we shared lots of good things sometimes related to life itself, mostly related to teaching. The world of inspiration never sleeps, thats great however we are coming to an end. It would be hard to leave our one-month addiction :)keep up your good work, happy blogging

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Dear Ozge,I hope you won't stop blogging after blogathon, because I'm addicted reading your posts.