Blogathon Day 8, Multiple Intelligences

Dear all,

last post was dedicated to an activity for kinesthetic/ kineasthetic Ss, though not all of our 'diligent padawans' are this type. To find out what type of learners your Ss are my lecturer of German recommended this simple multiple intelligence game.

This activity helps to investigate what is a person's best way of receiving information, i.e. 1) reading, 2) listening, 3) perceiving images, 4) touching. A teacher needs 4 sets of materials for this task.

To check reading abilities the teacher prepares 10 A4 cards with 10 simple words on them (like father, son, boy, cat, etc.) The words must be of elementary level and their quantity should be 10, which words you choose is up to you to decide. You show the cards with the words and Ss read them trying to remember. But don't pronounce the words. After that Ss solve 3 simple arithmetic problems (like 3+3 =, 2*5 =, 6-2 = put down the answers). Only after that the Ss put down the words they remember from reading.

To check listening the teacher reads any 10 simple English words twice. After that Ss do 3 more arithmetic problems and only then write down what they remember from the heard set of 10 words.

To check perceiving images the teacher shows 10 pictures of simple objects (like star, airplane, phone, etc). Ss look at them, then solve 3 more easy arithmetic problems and put down the names of the objects they've seen.

To check their kinesthetic abilities one needs a bag with 10 objects in it (as a pencil, rubber, pencil sharpener, coin, shell, etc). Ss sit in a circle, they close their eyes. The teacher gives them the objects from the bag one by one. Without looking, only with the help of their hands Ss should guess what they are touching. Ss don't open their eyes till the end of touching. When all the objects are again in the bag the eyes may be opened, 3 more arithmetic problems solved and the names of the objects put down.

Then you check all the answers with the class. The more developed are those senses in which a student got 9 or 10 out 10 possible answers.

This multiple intelligence game is surely not precise and scientific but it's much fun. And Ss usually like it, especially the touching bit.

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