Are you searching for some materials for your lessons? I would like to share a page link which has been of a great use for me. http://www.anglomaniacy.pl/
This is the page where teachers can find very effective materials for teaching young students. As you can find, this page includes variety of resources. The page is divided into several sections which concentrate upon specific skills. It includes sections containing materials for teaching the letters, expressions, topics, words, tests, holidays, for fun, grammar, animals, songs, etc. The page also has a dictionary for children.
Teachers may use the tests section to find achievement tests for their students. http://www.anglomaniacy.pl/tests.htm
The section “for fun” includes fun activities for your students.
I especially like the part devoted to games. There are many different games, focusing on different aspect of English. The games are of different nature, such as hangman games, matching games, spelling games, wordsearch puzzles, guessing games, puzzles, etc. http://www.anglomaniacy.pl/games.htm
What is the thing that interests me most about this page is that it gives materials from the very start (letters) up to many hard grammatical structures that kids need to learn. There are also many episodes teaching the vocabulary and phrases for each situation.
I really hope you will make use of this page and will reflect upon it.

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Hripsime Shabunts

Wooooooooooooow, great, a good site. Thanks dear Gayane.
I looked it through and it is great. I found almost everything that a good class requires.

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Gayane Shabunts

Thanks a lot for your comment and interest towards my posts. I am happy it is useful for my colleagues.

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Gayane Shabunts

Thanks for your comment. :D even the names are a great fun :)