Advantages and disadvantages of using technology in the classroom

I have just finished BC Learning Technologies online course. I got a lot of practical and theoretical knowledge which I can use with my students and share with my colleagues. It was a productive course and I hope otther particiapnts have the same same opinion. I would like to share advantages and disadvantages of using IT in the classroom as a part of online course.Advantages:It is interesting and motivatingUsing different kind texts, graphics. vidoes, picturesHaving online lessons, students can use authentic languageusing blogs, wikis to work with studentspromoting independent learningstoring materials for future usestudents learn IT skills together with the languagehaving fun and variationDisadvantages:There could appear technical problemslack of IT skills both teachers and studentsMixed ability- some students are advanced and some are slowClassroom management-teacher could find it difficult to draw students' attentionSlow Internet connectionNot always appropriate materials for studentsHere I ahve enumerated some possible happenings, but anyway we should integrate lessons with technology in order to be up to date.I would like to hear some more suggestions on this topicThank you in adavance  

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I have also started this online course recently. Although, I'm in my first week i can feel that after finishing thecourse I will have something beneficial on my mind and useful for my future. Ms Guzzal you have practiced using IT during the PC Project, I think the list mentioned above is the most common.:)

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Hi, firstly thanks for your blog. technology is very useful in the class rooms. But sometimes apears disadvantages. especially in crowded class rooms, the students (some of) aren't interested in the subject and try to speak each others. Some videos and music may catch them...

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Congratulations Gulhayo. You will a get a huge bag of knowledge at the end of the the course. I parcticed different events while conducting PC project sessions. They happened with teachers and it could happen with students also. But I should mention that students are more advanced in technology than some teachers. So teachers should be aware of using technology for purposeful activities with students, otherwise they will be distracted by other things.