Advantages and Disadvantages of Teaching !??

     Two days ago I went to school after extra long winter holidays     and stuck in administrative tasks !!!!          Choosing a career is a tough decision, especially  if it is  teaching...       Is teaching right for you?       I think that the main goal of the teacher is TEACHING, SHARING THE KNOWLEDGE       AND BRINGING UP THE YOUTH...      Teacher should have much time to develop his prof. skills,        be motivated to do his job in a best way,too.             Which are ad- and disadvantages of a teaching career?       As for me       Advantages     * Receive private scholarships and federal funding for teaching programs ( IF they are)....     * No teaching on the weekends, holidays and in summer months ...     * chance to be envolved in courses and projects....     * KNOWING that you are making a difference....      Disadvantages    * Teaching in large classrooms    * Low salary relative to the work    * Small school budgets    * job - related stress       What will you add to this list??       Please, share your opinion about it!   

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Hello Nara! As I teach adults, my advantages and disadvantages are a bit different.DisadvantagesSometimes I don't even get my standard one-month holiday if there are many students who need to take exams to study abroad urgently.I work on Saturdays, only have Sundays off.I never have any free time as I have to give online support to students apart from teaching in the classroom. In many cases I work 24/7.AdvantagesI love my job!!!It gives me a lot of positive emotions.I constantly learn. :)

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---You can count more and more (disadvantages).---Humorist colleague "coffeeaddict" clarified...(advantages)..... :)

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Nara MJ

  I love my job  and my Ss  for beeing  unpredicable ( though I know them well)     I like sharing my knowlege , my passion  and my energy with them   We enjoy our English parties,..  Disadv.  are poor salary,   lack of  necessary conditions for work espec. in winter months...    Thanks for your feedback!!   Good luck!!