Writing is your superpower

Post by Natalia Moiseeva

Our Gen-Z students are determined and like challenges. So, to 'sell' any writing activity to them show what’s the practical value in it and make it fun, gamify!

In fact, an ability to write powerful texts is not just a language sklil – it’s a superpower! Because any advertising or political campaign, social movement, negotiations or even relationships start with the text.

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There's a Gesture for That!

Post by Elizabeth Apicella

Planning for Differentiated Learning and Motivation? There’s a gesture for that! As the ENL (English as a New Language) teacher, I tend to bounce around between the primary grades. This year I’m teaching second grade and let me tell you something, second grade is where it's at! Second graders are at their prime sweetness and eagerness to learn. Their stamina is building exponentially and they. are. silly.

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First steps in essay writing for primary school students

Posted by Karina Castro

This resource could become an easy starting point to help them generate ideas and produce consistent lines. A good source of inspiration is essential for this kind of task. A couple of months ago I found an essay in pictures by Neil Gaiman published in The Guardian. It is part of Gaiman’s larger work Art Matters, and of public access. It explains the importance of reading, libraries preservation and daydreaming.

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Language and culture in an EFL classroom

Sometimes we may be so immersed in getting the task of English done that we miss important opportunities to connect with our learners on cultural levels, levels that can enhance students’ learning. This short blog post will discuss the benefits of incorporating students’ native language (L1) and culture in the class, and I will give a personal anecdote or two about how doing so helped me in my teaching context.

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