The advantages of Multilingualism

The advantages of Multilingualism in teaching English

Multilingualism is a social environment in which people speak more than one language. It is not uncommon to find multilingualism across the globe. There are only a few countries in the world which have monolingualism.

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How do you progress from being a teacher to a materials writer?

There is nothing quite like using materials that you have written yourself with the learners that you have written them for. Of course many teachers also go beyond writing materials for their own classes and start to produce them for a wider audience. Seeing your name in print is a proud moment for any aspiring writer.
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How do you progress from being a teacher to being a teacher trainer?

The word ‘teacher trainer’ brings to mind CELTA courses and Delta courses but there are plenty of things you can do before making that leap, which might perhaps help you make it more successfully:

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21st Century Boy

They are mentioned at conferences, in articles, and are used as buzzwords when someone comes selling a new book or learning product. Early in my career it was ‘learner autonomy’. Later, it was ‘formative assessment’. Then, ‘digital natives and immigrants’ became the hot topic. Brain-based learning. CLIL. PBL. Blended learning. Gamification. They have all come and gone (and in some cases come back again) without a clear definition ever being given.

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Bringing the outside in – choosing supplementary resources for the classroom

There are coursebook packages with all their extra components, graded readers, photcopiable resource packs, dictionary sets, exam practice papers, digital resources and much more. However, despite the plethora of materials on offer, teachers always seem to want more! Many produce and share their own worksheets and activities, while many more go online to find, adapt and download lesson plans and ideas.

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Vicky Saumell: What makes an effective manager

You may have the most wonderful group of teachers in your institution, but the difference between success and failure is a mindful guidance from the manager or coordinator to give your team a sense of common direction. So here it goes:

Have a plan!

Respect your teachers’ individuality

Promote and value teamwork

Take advantage of your teachers’ talents. Help them discover what they are and let them share what they do best so that the whole team can grow.

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