How to keep a teacher motivated?

Well, let's start saying that teaching is not the easiest job in the world..When I have one to one or group lessons I can't help taking everything personally, being a teacher is not just a job, you put everything you have to be able to give to your students "something".

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Lizzie Pinard - Staying motivated: a case study

Sustainable and long-term development is an ideal that all professional teachers aspire to. The ability to stay motivated and be a reflective practitioner is what makes the job we do as teachers more rewarding. Does your school or institution recognise this and what support are you given to develop - financial or otherwise? What systems are in place to ensure that development happens without being intrusive?

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November 2014: CPD month

Innovations in Continuing Professional Development

November is CPD month on TeachingEnglish and our sister site EnglishAgenda with several webinars, podcasts and a live event planned. You can read all about what's happening here

Consequently, the 4 topics for November are all related to Continuing Professional Development.

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Classroom Action research

An introductory programme to introduce classroom action research for forty teachers including ten ELT teachers was done by me at Nattandiya teacher Centre in North Western province Sri Lanka. The main purpose is to bring reflective practices to classroom teaching and find solutions to educational problems the teachers face in the teaching learning process in the country.

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Sandy Millin: Developing myself and others

I am the Director of Studies at International House Sevastopol, and one of my responsibilities is to plan the programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for our teachers. I strongly believe that we should reflect constantly on our teaching and strive to be better teachers, and I hope I can pass this on to my teaching team.

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David Petrie: From Mentee to Mentor and back again – a teacher’s tale

I recently stopped being a mentor. This isn’t one of those homily type analogies where I go on to say something about becoming a friend, it’s more prosaic than that. In October I changed teaching jobs and while last year being a mentor was in my job description, this year it isn’t.

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Rachael Roberts - Action research

What exactly is action research?

Action research is one of those terms that many people have heard of, but that nonetheless remains a bit of a mystery.

So what exactly is action research? Books have been written about this (see below), but, for me, perhaps the most important point is that it is research carried out by practitioners into their own situations and practice.

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Managing Poor Performance - A Case Study

*/ I took a management course and one of the assignments was to write about managing poor performance. I thought it would be useful to share a case study I produced.


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Insights on professional development for busy teachers

Teacher development. Continuous teacher development or CPD.
How have you managed your development as a teacher in a busy schedule ?
What should be chosen from such a plethora of possibilities and directions to go?

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