Classroom management, we can all learn from workplace management practices.

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      In my work, I am usually involved in teaching either individuals, or pairs of students of a similar level.

      Classroom Management

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      Let us begin with some untraditional premises, and see where they lead us.

      Teaching large classes - Drama techniques in classroom

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      Teaching large classes with mixed abilities can be easy by using drama techniques.

      Teacher development - conferences

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      Online conferences, webinars and courses are extremely valuable. It is a good way to connect, to learn what is going on, what is new, to communicate and to take part in various discussions.

      Classroom Management and Multi and Large Level Classes in the Indian Context

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      Before going to delve deep into the topic classroom management and multi and large level classes, I would like to talk about he primary and secondary educational scenario in my country in

      Chuck Sandy - When the student is ready

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      “When the student is ready the teacher will appear,” goes the faked quote wrongly attributed to Buddha.

      Testing and Assessment ... not only a practical research approach

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      This February was a special month as 10 years ago on Monday 16 Feb 2004, I started a journey in which I feel utterly committed to from the start and even before that.

      Vicky Loras - Teaching with coursebooks: weaving a tapestry of activities

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      Coursebooks – a word that has divided the ELT world for quite a while.

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