The Three C’s and the Four P’s.

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      The end of March is traditionally the school spring break week in Russia, for pupils. Teachers have meetings, reports, reviews, school contests, and lesson plans writing, to name but a few.

      7 things about reflecting on conference presentations

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      Spring to me doesn’t mean flowers in bloom, it means conferencing.

      Classroom management begins outside the classroom.

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      With some groups I start the lesson in the corridor.

      I don't let them into the classroom until they have individually answered a simple question.

      Ana Cristina Pratas - Six Degrees of Integration

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      For teachers who either must or wish to begin integrating technology in their classrooms, the fundamental question is often: Where to begin?

      Chrysa Papalazarou - Large, multi-level classes: worlds within worlds

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      On writing this post, I thought of starting reflecting on m

      James Taylor - Attending conferences

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      I’ll admit it, I absolutely love conferences. I’ll go to great expense and effort, and give up a lot of my time to go to one.

      Innovation in Education - Learning Technologies

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      The very first really innovative technology introduced into any classroom at a foreign language lesson since times immemorial is simple: we teachers speak a foreign language instead of the pupils’

      Technology or Chalk and Talk in the Classroom

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      I am an Indian and I would like to talk about Education or teaching in the Indian context or perspective.


      The learner - digital literacies.

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      When I clicked to check a modern definition of “digital literacy”, what I got was an entry called “computer literacy”. Close but no cigar, as they say.

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