Putting Teacher Action Research Into Action

Personally, I just view it as a teacher systematically putting a simplified version of the Scientific Method to use in his/her classroom:
  1. Formulate a hypothesis
  2. Experiment
  3. Analyze the data collected from the experiment.
  4. Form a Conclusion

Of course, teachers - and everybody else - apply this method constantly, ranging from how we shoot basketballs to how we bake a cake. Teacher Action Research, however, puts it into action in a little more formalized way.

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Invest in yourself


I have been in your shoes 3 years ago. I would go to the teaching centre give classes all day and return home at night so drained to reflect on anything or prepare for the next day. Before I even knew it ,6 years of my life have passed and spent on teaching with no real awareness or a sense of development.

If you work in Egypt, then you either work for the public/private sectors and either way the school/centre you work for rarely invest on its staff development. Hence, you should learn to develop yourself .

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Be kind to yourself!

One of the greatest challenges I have faced over the previous 12 months was finding a balance between teaching, studies, personal projects, and time for me. At times, it has felt like there haven’t been enough hours in day, days in week, weeks in a month, and months in the year. During my confirmation interview for my doctoral thesis, I was give the advice – be kind to yourself – unfortunately, I wasn’t able to heed this advice, and in the end it impacted on my health.

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Mentoring and coaching are essential to improve as a teacher

There’s a great set up where I work, at ELI (www.eli.es), in Seville. We have five or six teacher trainers who all do training sessions on Fridays, plus the observing and mentoring. We get a detailed list of the sessions and get to choose 8 a year. We also have a teacher training day once a year where any teacher can volunteer to do a session.

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Teaching is a Challenging Job!

Nina MK, Ph.D.

I teach EL teachers, conducting whole courses, workshops, seminars, taking part in various conferences. As the saying goes, children reflect the adults in their life; in the same way adults reflect the children they teach. There is a great difference in evaluating educators who attend a refresher course and students.

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Sailing in Uncharted Waters

I have been working at the same private language school for the past ten years. I was used to the teaching methodology used, I had mainly children aged 8-16 as students, I taught the same levels (A2-C2) each year, I knew the textbooks and I felt quite confident as a teacher since I practically did the same things every year. But this May everything changed when the new job offer by the owner for the coming year was completely unacceptable.

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Showcasing students’ production in Instagram

Research, information exchange and collaboration tend to be usual steps in most EFL lessons. Sometimes the key focus is a new grammar point or maybe a certain theme or vocabulary or even a mix of those.
The app Instagram can cater for two aspects at the same time:
*sharing the students production visually (either by sharing the photo or video) and
*their engagement, data and point of view in the comments.
Eureka! How about that?!

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