Classroom Management - Creating a pleasant and supportive atmosphere

What does the term classroom management mean to you? Is it the process of ensuring that lessons run smoothly? Is it the techniques you put in place to negate the behaviour of disruptive students? Is it the method you use to create relationships between learners, or indeed, between yourself and the learners? In my mind, it is probably a combination of all of the above.

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Peer Correction and Feedback

Peer Correction and Feedback.
Nina MK, Ph.D.

"I continuing speaking..." "It quickens my heartbreak... " (heart-rate) "it aches to move... " (it hurts) "I am agree..." "Old castle have goats..." (The old castle has ghosts) "there are computers and a lot of". 

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Feedback beyond the sentence

Feedback beyond the sentence

Feedback is rightly considered to be a key part of teaching. As teachers it's important for us to give feedback to students; it helps students see the reason for the task. We can give feedback on the task. That's to say how well the message was communicated. For example, was the story interesting? This is a very natural part of speech, as conversations outside the classroom feature this. If a friend tells you a story you'll respond to the information. In class we should do the same. It's important students know we actually care about what they say.

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Challenging Situations

Challenging Situations.
Nina MK, Ph.D.
Any teacher comes up against unusual, challenging and threatening situations. I tried to classify them in my mind in the simplest way, into what may be called internal and external ones. The former are most often connected to several factors.

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The Misfits- A class to remember

When I first started teaching I was under the fairy-tale like impression that if I did my best I would magically make all my students love English and couldn't imagine why anyone would start learning this fascinating language without wanting to. In other words, I was projecting my own feelings onto my students' reality. Until the day I was told I would have to teach the class of "The Misfits".

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Feedback and Error Correction – Is It Your Job?

Error correction performed by the teacher followed by a feedback is a usual part of most traditional and even non-traditional school approaches. However, if we think about it, our ultimate goal is to teach the students how to become independent learners and be able to check their own work. Lack of awareness about the necessity of doing this has become one of my teaching challenges.

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"Methodology based" Vs, "go with the flow" teacher

" so how can I plan this lesson using the TBL approach" Said Ms.Y
" easy, pre-task, task, report, analyze and maybe add a practice at the end just to test the students" Said me
"God, I never know the name of the approach I am using.I just teach the what and how I see right"said Ms.Z

That conversation took place yesterday where I and other 30 qualified teachers holding the Cambridge TKT 2014.

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20% time! - An attempt to empower learners to be more creative and innovative

Probably one of most well-known management philosophies in recent years has been Google's "20% time". Over 10 years ago, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin mentioned the idea in their 2004 IPO letter: They stated, “We encourage our employees, in addition to their regular projects, to spend 20% of their time working on what they think will most benefit Google," They continued, "This empowers them to be more creative and innovative.

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Challenging Words

“Hitler was right”

“Gay is wrong – my religion says so”

“Oh no - refugees again! – all refugees are Muslims and all Muslims are terrorists”

I hear you screaming at this blog already – and no, of course I don’t agree with these quotes – but they are examples of real utterances by real learners in some of my classes.

I’ve been lucky to have taught mainly adults who want to learn, so have had very few problems with challenging behaviour. However, there have been several times when I’ve felt the need to challenge things learners have said in class.

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