Sailing in Uncharted Waters

I have been working at the same private language school for the past ten years. I was used to the teaching methodology used, I had mainly children aged 8-16 as students, I taught the same levels (A2-C2) each year, I knew the textbooks and I felt quite confident as a teacher since I practically did the same things every year. But this May everything changed when the new job offer by the owner for the coming year was completely unacceptable.

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Showcasing students’ production in Instagram

Research, information exchange and collaboration tend to be usual steps in most EFL lessons. Sometimes the key focus is a new grammar point or maybe a certain theme or vocabulary or even a mix of those.
The app Instagram can cater for two aspects at the same time:
*sharing the students production visually (either by sharing the photo or video) and
*their engagement, data and point of view in the comments.
Eureka! How about that?!

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Successful teacher collaboration - Two teachers - Two roles - One class

Unfortunately, in the context where I work there is no mentoring or coaching system. In addition, there is little peer observation and therefore I have often found myself relying on the feedback given by the learners in their end of semester evaluations. Even these are limited in terms of actual useful feedback. The questionnaires are standardised and many of the questions are not applicable to the classes I teach. Of course, not having a mentoring or coaching system, and rarely being observed, has its advantages and disadvantages.

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The Trials and Tribulations of 2016

In October 2011, I boarded my first ever flight and headed off into the unknown to teach English as a foreign language in Russia. In July 2016 I packed my life back into two suitcases and returned to the UK. Although when I moved to Russia I encountered a fair amount of culture-shock, I'd anticipated this. Moving to a country you've never visited, don't speak the language, can't read the alphabet and have never even seen the money (in 2011 the Russian rouble was a closed currency, meaning that I wasn't able to buy it in the UK) was hardly going to be straightforward.

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Blog topics for November and December 2016

Some really interesting blog posts for our September and October, many thanks to all our bloggers for these and we hope you found them stimulating! To round off 2016 and look to the future, we have four different topics related to 21st century skills. 

As always, we'd love to get ideas from you about the topics you want to write about and feedback about the TeachingEnglish website. Please let us know what topics you're interested in by emailing us at

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The advantages of Multilingualism

The advantages of Multilingualism in teaching English

Multilingualism is a social environment in which people speak more than one language. It is not uncommon to find multilingualism across the globe. There are only a few countries in the world which have monolingualism.

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How do you progress from being a teacher to a materials writer?

There is nothing quite like using materials that you have written yourself with the learners that you have written them for. Of course many teachers also go beyond writing materials for their own classes and start to produce them for a wider audience. Seeing your name in print is a proud moment for any aspiring writer.
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How do you progress from being a teacher to being a teacher trainer?

The word ‘teacher trainer’ brings to mind CELTA courses and Delta courses but there are plenty of things you can do before making that leap, which might perhaps help you make it more successfully:

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