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To celebrate World Teacher's Day on October 5th, we have only one topic this month - 'What does it mean to be a teacher?'

You can read the collective post from some of our TeachingEnglish associates here to give yourself some ideas and then contribute by adding your own blog post.

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Teaching – the hardest and most rewarding work available

Although I trained to become a teacher at university when I was younger, I didn't go into the profession straight away. I wasn't sure that teaching was right for me.

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What does it mean to be a teacher?

I am usually asked this question which is not easy to be answered. I believe that teaching is the job that grants me symmetrical harmony with the nature of my personality and my life. I feel that it is a catalyst that boosts an innate talent that makes me stand in the classroom like an orchestra conductor leading his orchestra in an innovative organization.
As an ESL/EFL teacher, the English vocabulary is not just words in textbooks, but celestial beads that can be assembled in lists with different themes with the purpose of developing a wide vocabulary for the students.

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A Continuous Teacher

Nina MK, Ph.D.

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October blog post - World Teacher's Day

This collective post for October pulls together insights and comments from our TeachingEnglish associates as a feature for World Teacher's Day on Sunday October 5th.

Why don't you join in using the comments below? What does being a teacher mean to you?

Every time you teach you have the opportunity to be the catalyst that helps someone to transform their life.
Rachael Roberts

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CPD Essential and Compulsory

CPD in my career has been a constant whether this be in teaching or in management. To me is essential to keep things new and fresh in the classroom and equally important, in my career path.
I have been teaching now since 1996 and have tried to develop throughout my teaching career in various ways. This has been quite formal in the form of recognised certificates. I first completed a CELTA in and then went on to a Trinity Diploma and then Masters in TESOL.
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Dave Dodgson: Filtered and distilled - the first lesson

Starting this academic year in a new teaching role at a new school gave me plenty of time to stop and consider that opening ‘get to know you’ lesson. Every since I first started teaching the idea has been more or less the same – I introduce myself and spend some time passing on information about myself and then I get my students to do the same in a similar manner. The manner of achieving this, of course, changed several times over the years and that is what I want to explore in this post.

First lesson, first mistake

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Dave Dodgson: Challenging challenges

Throughout my teaching career, I have always enjoyed a challenge – I think every ‘career teacher’ does! – and there have been many: the intensity of my Trinity Cert TESOL course, that first lesson, teaching beginners/advanced/kids for the first time, getting up to speed with technological possibilities for the classroom, doing an MA, presenting at a conference… the list goes on.

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Katherine Bilsborough - Building confidence through praise

As with most good teaching practice, using activities to promote a student's confidence is a simple matter of common sense. Confident students make the best language learners. By creating a classroom in which your students have the confidence to learn, to speak, to make mistakes and ask questions – you are providing them with an environment in which to flourish.

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George Chilton - New Business, New Country, New Challenge

If I were to describe my 2014 so far, in one word, it would be challenging. I’d even go as far as to say that it’s my most challenging year yet. I feel this blog post may be somewhat therapeutic for me.

Back in March of this year, I moved to Medellín, Colombia. My Colombian fiancée had found herself an interesting job, and we thought it would be nice to have a change of scene.

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