April 2014

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      A big thank you to everyone who wrote a post in March.

      New Teachers

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      Teacher development - New teachers.
      Nina MK, Ph.D.

      Lizzie Pinard - Innovation in education: looking for learning

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      As learning technologies become more and more ubiquitous in our teaching, how can we ensure that pedagogy is at the centre of what we do to increase learning?

      Teacher development - A Letter to Younger Me

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      Dear Elena, I know how worried you are this August because you are a university graduate now and in just a few days you will set off on a long journey into ELT.

      The learner, practising English outside of the classroom.

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      I have a big problem with getting students to practise orally outside of the classroom and lesson.

      Mobile devices and BYOD possibilities

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      As teachers we now face a time when one of the main edtech issues is to make use of the current technology owned by the students or BYOD (which stands for Bring your own device).

      Learning Technologies: being sceptical and conservative

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      When bringing some new learning technologies into class, there is always a possibility - or even a danger - of using learning technologies just for the sake of using them, because we are seduced by

      Where Magic Happens

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      Who needs to commute to a conference site when there is a computer screen, a comfy couch and an opportunity for an occasional run to the kitchen for a cup of coffee?

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