January 2015

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Happy New Year to you all and apologies for the delay in getting the January topics up on the site! I hope you've all had a good break if you were on holiday and that 2015 is a great year.

The topics for January are below. Happy blogging!

Doing 'grammar'

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Rachael Roberts - Planning for pronunciation

There’s a very amusing advert for a language school on Youtube where we see the German Coastguard picking up an emergency broadcast, ‘Mayday, mayday..we are sinking!’ The German pauses, and then asks, ‘What are you sinking about?’

The joke plays on the difficulty some German speakers have distinguishing between the /s/ sound and the /θ/ sound as he mistakes /sɪŋk/ for /θɪŋk/.

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Doing Grammar

Nina MK, Ph.D.

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Working with authentic videos in the EFL classroom

How can authentic videos such as sitcoms, movies and TV commercials make a difference in students’ progress when acquiring a foreign language ?
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User-generated Content

With students who are preparing for presentations, job interviews or even exams, a great way to motivate them and get them thinking about using the English language effectively, is to encourage them to generate their own content to bring to class. Over a number of lessons, I would usually work towards the student preparing and delivering a presentation, which they would then video at home and upload. I have found that this method works well, even with those students who were timid or hesitant to speak English in the beginning.

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Ceri Jones - Pronunciation: focusing on sounds from day one

For the last couple of years I’ve been teaching the Unknown Language component of the Trinity TESOL certificate course. This basically entails teaching four hours of a new language to the trainees in the initial stage of their course to give them a taste of what it feels like to be in a language classroom. I teach Welsh. I don’t use any published materials for the class. I have a few flashcards and simple worksheets and I have a fairly clear mini syllabus. The contents are not negotiated.

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Dave Dodgson: A year in review. Three Quick Ideas to Start your 2015 Classes

Just like that another year has passed and I find myself missing the deadline for festive posts not just by a day or two but having spilled over into a new month and a new year!
So, it’s a good thing I planned to share a post of lesson ideas that fit in with the theme of New Year rather than Christmas and ones that can be used to kick off your first classes of 2015.

Idea 1 - R&R: Reflections and Resolutions

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Anna Loseva: 30 questions to ask yourself

It’s already way past Christmas for those who celebrate it in December, and even past New Year’s Eve. Here we are in 2015. It is thus fair to assume teachers have already held their final classes of the year. At the same time, the beauty and benefit of the idea I want to share, in my view, lies exactly in its only relative connection to the festive season. For reflection process does not need to have a Santa hat on the head of the person reflecting, even though New Year does appear to be a suitable point in time.

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