August 2015 blog topics

Lots of interesting blog posts in July, so thank you to everyone for their contributions. Catch up on them all here.

This month, as many of us are enjoying a well-earned break, the choice of blog topics is up to you! We'll be back in September with specific topics, but for August, please feel free to write a blog entry about any ELT-related area that's of relevance or interest to you at the moment. We look forward to your thoughts - happy blogging!


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YLE crafting their collaborative game

Let me start by quoting Carol Read on the definition of kinesthetic learning: “Kinesthetic learning is to do with positively harnessing bodily movement and a variety of fine-tuned physical skills in the service of learning. It is associated with a ‘hands on’, ‘doing’ approach in which children are physically involved in the process of learning through such things as manipulating objects, movement, gym, aerobics, dance, drama, mime, craft activities or making models. Kinesthetic learning activities are usually actively engaging and enjoyable.

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Katherine Bilsborough: Using sketchbooks in the English classroom

But a couple of things are pretty constant. The first – spending most of my waking hours in front of a computer screen under the auspices of ‘Working: Do not disturb’ and the second – spending much of this time actively seeking distractions to take me away from the task at hand. Occasionally these distractions lead me to new discoveries and sometimes I’m able to link one of these discoveries to my profession, enabling me to justify the meandering.

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Lizzie Pinard - no prep activities

These are the kind of activities you have up your sleeve because you’ve been dropped in it from a great height at the last minute when a colleague is off sick, or because your planned activities took far less time than planned. So what do you do?

One fail-safe option to go with is pronunciation, as the learners themselves and a phonemic chart is all you need. If you have a few sets of Cuisenaire rods kicking around, so much the better! This post outlines a handful of activities you can do without preparation.

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July 2015 blog topics

Many thanks to everyone for the blog posts in June, which made very interesting reading. 

This month, many of us are on a long break for the summer, so our first topic looks at how we as teachers can use this time to reflect on our teaching or for developmental activities. We also have topics on no or low prep activities, learners with Special Educational Needs, and parental expectations - so we hope you'll find something interesting to write and read about. 

Happy blogging!


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