Holliday, A.R., M. Hyde and J. Kullman. 2010. Intercultural Communication: An Advanced Resource Book for Students. London: Routledge.
ISBN: 0-415-48942-3
Summary: Explores social strategies for achieving successful intercultural communication. Looks deeply at underlying social, political and psychological forces. Takes a stand against traditional theories of culture which depend on essentialist, 'othering' stereotypes. Maintains that cultural difference surrounds all of us in increasingly complex and globalized societies.
Institutional level: tertiary
Entered by: Canterbury Christ Church University (Department of English and Language Studies)
Smith, R., J. Kullman, J. Gray, S. Wharton and D. Santos. 2009. ‘Critical approaches to coursebooks’ in IATEFL 2008 Exeter Conference Selections. Canterbury: IATEFL
Editor(s): Beaven, B.
Entered by: University of Warwick (Centre for Applied Linguistics)