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      Look at specific speaking skills, or broader issues such as motivation in our articles below.

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      Integrating pronunciation into classroom activities

      Pronunciation work has traditionally taken a secondary role in language teaching to work on grammar and more recently lexis.


      Getting teenagers talking

      Getting teenagers to use English in class can provide a considerable challenge to most teachers. This article examines some of the reasons why it can be so difficult and makes some suggestions for overcoming these problems.


      Rhythm, rhyme, repetition, reasoning and response in oral storytelling

      Live storytelling is a spontaneous creative process which fires the imagination. The listener experiences and participates in the story creatively. If the storyteller allows, the listener can have a direct influence on the story as it unfolds.


      Online video for ELT

      In this article I am going to explore the use of short video clips in the classroom. 


      Global English and the teaching of pronunciation

      The emergence of so many different kinds (or 'varieties') of international English has caused a number of linguists to question the use of native speaker pronunciation models in the teaching of English.


      Teaching without a coursebook

      Whether you're starting with a new class or just changing direction a little the decision of how to structure a course without a coursebook can sometimes be difficult for a new or even experienced teacher.


      Picture books for all

      Can I hear you tutting? "Picturebooks for all? But aren't picturebooks for babies and small children?"

      There are some wonderful examples of picturebooks, often in board book format, which are specifically for babies and small children, but picturebooks are not just for babies.


      Video recorders in the classroom

      I have just become an uncle! My new nephew Tomás is three weeks old today. 

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      Evaluating speaking - the IELTS speaking test

      This is the third in a series of articles looking at evaluating speaking.


      Using Social Media in the Classroom

      I’m a big fan of social media. Facebook, Twitter, blogging platforms and other ‘web 2.0’ sites offer users the ability to publish their thoughts and exchange ideas with a global audience.


      Managers and management training

      Management vacancies that arise in LTOs (language training organisations) can be filled by candidates recruited from outside an organisation but are frequently taken up by teachers selected/promoted from within the organisation’s current staff.


      Developing pronunciation through songs

      Like us, you might already use songs in class, and find that your students enjoy them. But have you considered choosing songs specifically to work on pronunciation?


      Personalised speaking

      People spend a huge chunk of their everyday conversation time talking about themselves and the people they know, so the most natural thing in the world is for us to invite our students to do the same.

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      Art in the classroom

      As the saying goes, ‘Art is all around us’. In its many forms it presents fantastic opportunities for discussion, focused language work and skills-based activities.


      Arts and crafts with young learners

      Using arts and crafts in the classroom can be an excellent way to facilitate language learning with young learners. 


      Audio exchange project


      Blogging for ELT

      This article takes a look at blogging, which is becoming increasingly popular as a language learning tool.


      Concordancers in ELT

      Over the past decade there has been a huge increase in the power and abilities of computers to digitise, store and analyse text.

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