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      Read about ideas for using all sorts of resources in your classes, from paper and glue to video.

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      English Learning Circles - a path to learner independence

      Getting students to use English with each other is a problem which is often difficult to overcome. Learning Circles are one way to help students recognise the importance of using English and to motivate them to do so in the classroom.

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      Cuisenaire rods in the language classroom

      The first time I saw Cuisenaire rods being used in the language classroom I had no idea how much fun they could be.


      Using dictionaries

      Why should we encourage students to use dictionaries? Dictionaries develop learner autonomy. They are a handy resource for researching different meanings, collocations, examples of use and standard pronunciation.


      The not-so-hidden resource - students

      Every classroom has them, and every teacher has no doubt used them at some time in their career. Many teachers have no doubt cursed them in the darker days of their lives.


      Self-access: A framework for diversity

      What is a self-access centre, why might your students benefit from using one, and how might you go about setting one up in your school.


      The home-school connection 2

      Theresa Zanatta shows us how parents can be encouraged to create opportunities for their children to learn English at home.

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      zakia erum's picture

      zakia erum

      its very interesting to create print enrich environment

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      MONA 123's picture

      MONA 123

      You are right, but its suitable with kids.

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      Khuraman Safarova's picture

      Khuraman Safarova

      In these circles teaching through songs is very important.It heps to improve vocabulary,grammer...
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