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      Read about ideas for using all sorts of resources in your classes, from paper and glue to video.

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      Ben Goldstein - A history of video in ELT

      Sometimes looking back can help us look forward. My talk - The History of Video in ELT, given at the Image conference – came about as a way to trace the changing role of video in the language classroom.


      English clubs

      English clubs come in many different guises. What they do all have in common, however, is that they provide an opportunity for English language learners to practise using English in a relaxed and friendly setting. They can make an excellent contribution to student life at a university language centre, a state school or at a private language school, for example. English clubs give students a chance to practice English in a relaxed, informal environment, and to meet new people.


      Jamie Keddie - Visual literacy in ELT

      They say that every picture tells a story. They are completely wrong. The idea that an image can be conveniently associated with a single narrative contradicts everything that we know about language, semantics, art, philosophy and human beings.


      Short and sweet: Using short films to promote creativity and communication

      We are now living in the age of the moving image. The advent of the digital revolution and the Internet, the proliferation of mobile devices, which allow us to easily and proficiently capture moving images; the introduction of inexpensive, accessible and user-friendly editing tools; and the emergence of distribution sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, have changed the way moving images relate to society, education and language learning forever.


      Stories waiting to be told

      The power of an image often doesn’t lie in the image itself, but in its ability to trigger images and stories in the minds of our students and create a need and a desire to communicate. There are three types of images that I find particularly powerful as teaching tools.


      Online video for ELT

      In this article I am going to explore the use of short video clips in the classroom. 


      Teaching without a coursebook

      Whether you're starting with a new class or just changing direction a little the decision of how to structure a course without a coursebook can sometimes be difficult for a new or even experienced teacher.


      Picture books for all

      Can I hear you tutting? "Picturebooks for all? But aren't picturebooks for babies and small children?"

      There are some wonderful examples of picturebooks, often in board book format, which are specifically for babies and small children, but picturebooks are not just for babies.

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      Using Social Media in the Classroom

      I’m a big fan of social media. Facebook, Twitter, blogging platforms and other ‘web 2.0’ sites offer users the ability to publish their thoughts and exchange ideas with a global audience.


      Managers and management training

      Management vacancies that arise in LTOs (language training organisations) can be filled by candidates recruited from outside an organisation but are frequently taken up by teachers selected/promoted from within the organisation’s current staff.


      ICT, vocabulary and motivation

      These days, using information and computer technology (ICT) really motivates students. This article looks at practical examples that encourage students to develop independent learning strategies, principally in the study of vocabulary, but also for presentations and report writing. 


      Personal Learning Networks

      Here is Gavin Dudeney's second exclusive article for TeachingEnglish.


      Portfolios in ELT

      Portfolios are a popular and effective way of motivating young learners, providing a fun way to review language and helping them to reflect on their own objectives, ways of learning and success.

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      zakia erum

      its very interesting to create print enrich environment

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      MONA 123

      You are right, but its suitable with kids.

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      Khuraman Safarova

      In these circles teaching through songs is very important.It heps to improve vocabulary,grammer...
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