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YouTubing on the road

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This lesson plan for teenagers at CEF level B1 and above looks at the theme of vlogging and travel.


In this lesson, students will have the chance to watch an interview with Trent and Allie, two successful YouTubers who have been travelling through Latin America in a camper van for two years. The two film their travel experiences and post their vlogs on YouTube. They make enough money to live from this.

In this integrated skills lesson, students will discuss photos and make predictions about the couple. Then they will watch an interview on video about the couple’s vlogging, travelling and camper-van lifestyle, and answer questions. After that, students will create their own imaginary situation and, using the original video interview questions, they will role play a similar interview.  


  • To develop listening and speaking skills around the topic of vlogging and travelling
  • To extend and practise vocabulary pertaining to YouTubing
  • To practise asking and answering questions
  • To role play an interview

Age and level:

Secondary – CEF Level B1 and above


Option A (watching the video in the classroom) : 45–55 minutes (plus 20–25 minutes for the project)

Option B (students watching the video at home):

  • 15–20 minutes in first lesson
  • 25–30 minutes homework
  • 30–35 minutes in second lesson


  • The lesson plan and student worksheets can be downloaded below in PDF format. 
  • The video is available to watch below
Lesson plan
Language level
Language Level: 
Intermediate: B1