The World Wide Web was 'born' in March 1989 and is celebrating its 30th birthday.

Catherine McLellan

In this lesson, students will talk about the World Wide Web, read an article about its history, learn how to give web and email addresses, and finally describe and present a website to their classmates.

Age group:

Teenagers and adults


CEF level B1


90 minutes approximately


The lesson plan and student worksheets can be downloaded in PDF format below.



Oh, I can remember my first time learning on a computer - It's about DOC and CAI (Wikipedia introduction: I can also remember my first surfing online through WWW - many advertisements and some free knowledge, not like today's...

In those days, computers are huge, rare and expensive, only in the computer room of school. For the entrance, every time, you need to prepare a pair of shoes-cover. And at the beginning, we only share sources in a small area, like school's computers in local net. Then, outside information regarding with my country... and finally the world-wide...

Nowadays, you see, tablet, pad, and expecially your smartphone... everywhere, everytime and everyhow... Therefore, I thought, it's better to understand more regarding with how previous generations did, for appreciating today's fast common life.

Thanks for the interesting idea for the lesson on the 30th anniversary of the WWW. Unfortunately I can't find the accompanying text. There is the worksheet and lesson plan attached but nothing else that I can see. Thank you.

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