Students will look at some propaganda posters from the First World War portraying women in different roles. This will be used to start students thinking about what women did in the war. They will go on to read a text describing the portrayal of women in war propaganda and to consider the effect of this propaganda using modal verbs in the past. Students will then read some different facts and experiences of women and share these together in order to discuss how the propaganda differs from the reality. 

By the middle of the war, it was increasingly difficult to maintain the Army’s front-line strength.  To release soldiers to fight, the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps was formed in March 1917 to do jobs like cooking, driving and clerical work which had previously been done by men. © IWM (Art.IWM PST 5476)

Topics: The role of women during the First World War; wartime propaganda

Level: B1/B2

Time: 90 mins


  • to develop students’ lexis around propaganda, and provide an opportunity to use it
  • to develop students’ awareness of modal verbs in the past and to give practice


  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Student worksheets



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