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Willy Cardoso: Classroom based teacher development

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Watch a recording of this webinar about classroom-based teacher development with Willy Cardoso.

About the webinar

Recorded in 2013, this webinar with Willy Cardoso looked at several aspects of classroom-based teacher development:

  • Approaches to teacher development that start from inside the classroom
  • How to involve learners in our development
  • Self- and peer-observation tools
  • How to increase the validity (and currency) of our classroom-based knowledge
  • Critical teacher development (or ‘beware of TEFL slogans’)

About the speaker 

Willy Cardoso has taught English for 12 years in Brazil, UK and Spain, written hundreds of articles on language education in his blog Authentic Teaching, and recently co-authored Real Communication: Culture Reading (Macmillan China). An aficionado of complexity thinking, philosophy, and critical methodologies in education, Willy has tried to bridge the gap between theory and practice to promote self-directed teacher development. At the moment, Willy is finishing his MA in Education and starting out as a committee member of IATEFL Teacher Development SIG.

Watch a recording of the webinar below

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