Date: 16th January 2013

Theme: In our January webinar, Willy Cardoso looked at several aspects of classroom-based teacher development:

  • Approaches to teacher development that start from inside the classroom
  • How to involve learners in our development
  • Self- and peer-observation tools
  • How to increase the validity (and currency) of our classroom-based knowledge
  • Critical teacher development (or ‘beware of TEFL slogans’)
Watch a recording of the webinar:

About the speaker: Willy Cardoso has taught English for 12 years in Brazil, UK and Spain, written hundreds of articles on language education in his blog Authentic Teaching, and recently co-authored Real Communication: Culture Reading (Macmillan China). An aficionado of complexity thinking, philosophy, and critical methodologies in education, Willy has tried to bridge the gap between theory and practice to promote self-directed teacher development. At the moment, Willy is finishing his MA in Education and starting out as a committee member of IATEFL Teacher Development SIG.

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