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In this activity students listen to information about two immigrants and then create a background story for another.

The activity is based on themes and images from the OPENCities project:


Download the worksheet with the images of the people on and make a copy for each pair of students. Make a copy of the audio file and script.


  • Show the students the images of people from the worksheet. Tell them that they all emigrated to Dublin. Ask the students which of the people they think is most likely to be happy in Dublin.
  • Ask them to listen to descriptions of two of the people and try to identify which two people are being described. The students may need to hear the descriptions a couple of times.
  • Give them a chance to compare their answers and discuss what they heard. See if they can tell you what they know about each person and suggest logical explanations for their choices based on what they heard.
  • You can give them the script and ask them to listen a third time and follow the script. See if they want to change their minds about which person they identified.
  • Give them the correct answers (number 5 and number 2).
  • Ask the students to work in pairs and create an imaginary background story for one of the other people. They should try to include as many imaginary facts as they can.
  • When they have finished their background story, they can tell the rest of the class and the other students should listen and try to guess which person they are describing.
  • You could get them to write this up as a text for homework.
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