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Who cares about English? Panel discussion recording

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An expert panel discuss the English language, who cares about it and whether we should be worried about the state of English today. September 2012, London.

The British Council and the Oxford English Dictionary sponsored a discussion with an expert panel on Thursday 27 September 2012. The event considered issues such as:

  • Does ‘standard English’ exist in today’s globalised society?
  • Who regulates the language – lexicographers, the education system, the media – or the public?
  • Is the language being dumbed down? And does this matter?
  • Should we be worried about the state of English today?

John Knagg, Head of English Research at the British Council chaired the discussion with these panel members:

  • John Simpson, Chief Editor, Oxford English Dictionary
  • Romesh Gunesekera, novelist
  • Henry Hitchings, journalist and author of The Language Wars
  • Prudence Raper, former Hon Secretary of the Queen’s English Society