This lesson focuses on talking about the weather

This lesson focuses on the weather. Students will firstly sing a song to introduce the topic of the weather. They will then do a series of activities to practise weather vocabulary from the LearnEnglish Kids website. Students make a weather chart to practise question forms and short answers to talk about the weather. For homework they will follow up by recording the weather for a week and then talking about it in the following class.
• To practise questions forms and short answers
• To use weather related poems and rhymes to practise vocabulary
• To introduce seasons and review the months of the year
• To review adjectives – hot, cold, warm etc.
Age group: Primary
Level: A1 / A2
Time: 60 minutes
1. A large circle of card per student
2. A paper fastener per student
3. Sequencing cards for Incy Wincy Spider
4. A class set of rulers and extra crayons
5. Photocopies of the worksheet in stage 2
6. Photocopies of the weather chart for homework
7. Weather worksheets from LearnEnglish Kids

Jo Bertrand


Hi Huw

I've changed the properties and it should work fine now. Can you check and let me know if you have any other problems.



Hello Heleni,

Thanks for your comment - the worksheets for this lesson are taken from the LearnEnglish Kids website. There are links to these within the lesson plans, but I have added them to the materials above so you should be able to access them now. Let me know if you have any problems,


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