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What makes a lesson GREAT?

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Watch a recording of this webinar with Anthony Gaughan looking at the ingredients that go into making a great lesson.

About the webinar

Every teacher - and every learner - can probably recognise a great lesson when they experience one, but what exactly are the qualities that, when added up, make an everyday experience into an extraordinary one? Taking this further, can teachers do anything deliberate to make GREAT lessons, or are they simply a matter of luck? Anthony will suggest five characteristics of GREAT lessons that he thinks are not only central to lesson success, but are also things that teachers can develop with some simple strategies that he hopes to share.

Watch a recording of the webinar:

About the speaker 

Anthony Gaughan has been involved in English teaching for over 17 years in the UK and Germany. A state-qualified teacher in the UK, he is currently Head of CELTA training at the Hamburg school of English, where he is busy with an ongoing experiment to unplug initial teacher education by applying Dogme ELT principles to the CELTA.