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What makes a good remote teacher?

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Watch a recording of our webinar 'What makes a good remote teacher?'.

About the webinar

Remote language teaching is the practice of teaching a language live online through videoconferencing. In Uruguay, the British Council has been working in partnership with Plan Ceibal to cater for the lack of trained and qualified English language teachers in the country, project managing the remote teaching of 80,000 primary schoolchildren aged 8- 11. During the last 5 years, we have learned a lot about what makes a good remote teacher, and in this presentation, we share some findings that are also supported by the publication Remote Teaching (British Council, 2019), a book of research and case studies. 

About the speakers

Gabriela Kaplan has worked in teacher education for more than 20 years and holds a B.A. in English; and an M.A. in the Humanities. She co-designed Ceibal en Inglés when she worked at Politicas Linguisticas at the National Board of Education (ANEP) in Uruguay, and is General Coordinator of the programme at Plan Ceibal.

Until recently, Graham Stanley was British Council Uruguay Country Director, helping to manage the delivery of weekly English lessons to 100,000 primary state school students via videoconferencing. He is editor of Remote Language Teaching, a book of research papers and case studies published by the British Council in 2019.

Watch a recording of the webinar below