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Webinar for teacher educators: Noticing in mentoring – what do we do with what we notice?

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This webinar is aimed at teacher educators who are involved in mentoring colleagues. The presenter, Doina Fleanta, explores the skill of 'noticing'.

We will focus on the concept of noticing:

  • when we notice,
  • what we notice,
  • how important it is to become better ‘noticers’.

To then see what we should do with what we notice and in what way we can use this ‘sub-skill’ in mentoring.

We will role-play a mentor-mentee conversation based on what ‘the teacher/mentee’ has noticed and discuss the experience from the perspective of the ‘mentor’, ‘the mentee’ and the ‘observer’.

Date: Monday 29 October 2018

Time: 15.00 UK time. (Find out the time where you are)

About the speaker

Doina Fleanta is :

  • a teacher: 40 + years
  • a mentor: 30+ years
  • methodologist: 28 years
  • an e-moderator: 5 years

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