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Webinar - Teacher education for difficult and ‘super-difficult’ circumstances

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Join a webinar organised by the IATEFL TTEd SIG, TELC and Crisis-ELT about 'Teacher Education for Difficult and ‘Super-difficult’ Circumstances' with Amol Padwad, Prem Phyak & Richard Smith on Monday 5 October 2015, 5pm BST / 4pm UTC / 6pm CEST.

This webinar addresses the neglected issue of how teachers can be prepared or supported to teach in ‘difficult circumstances’ including large classes, lack of resources (textbooks, technology etc.) or in ‘super-difficult’ or ‘crisis’ situations. Resources and approaches developed within TELC-net, with Hornby Regional School participants and within the recently established Crisis-ELT working group will be presented, including success stories, engagement in small-scale teacher-research, and reflection on crisis cases for awareness-raising.
About the presenters:
Dr Amol Padwad teaches in a college in India and is the national Convener of All India Network of English Teachers (AINET). He has been actively engaged in teaching, teacher training, teacher networking and supporting teachers working in difficult circumstances. He is currently leading an AINET project promoting teacher research. 
Prem Phyak is a PhD candidate in Second Language Studies at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa, USA and lecturer at the Department of English Education, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. His research interests include language policy, multilingual education, and English language education in periphery contexts. He has published in Language Policy, Current Issues in Language Planning, and L2 Journal. 
Dr Richard Smith (University of Warwick, UK) founded the TELC network for teachers / researchers of English in large classes and other ‘difficult circumstances’. He has published widely in the fields of learner and teacher autonomy, bottom-up innovation, ELT research, and history of language learning and teaching.
Visit TELC-net for further details of the webinar.

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