What kind of warmers do you use with your students?

Watch Andy's ideas and leave your suggestions for warmers below.



 All of them ar good warmers but I mostly like Fortunately and unfortunately.

Hi, I tried Fizz, Boing, Bounce in my session today and the level of energy generated in the class was hysterical! Totally worth it.

I like these warmers. They're fun. However, I can't use them with my students because of the classroom layout. We work in classrooms with a traditional layout. There are 4 rows. In each row, there are about 6 two-seat desks and the desks are heavy and quite difficult to move around.

Hi With a traditional classroom layout perhaps you could try asking students to stand in a circle either at the front of the class or around the desks for some of these warmers. Another idea is to use a zig-zag formation, so that students take turns to speak from their desks. There’s more on classroom layout in this article: http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/articles/classroom-layout.Sally

Thank you for the great ideas you shared. My favourite is Fortunately/Unfortunately, as I can use it in my private lessons. Are there any warmers that can be used in one-on-one lessons? Almost everything I find is for a group of students.

 I have really enjoy seen this alive demostration, I can see the students are really enjoyig it, there is a combination of funess and willingness to work. I look forward to using similar ideas!  

Something that works well with my learners is to put them into groups of 3, and ask them to think of as many things as they can that are: round, rectangular, made of glass, made of wood etc... Timing them and having a 'winning team' adds incentive.


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