What kind of warmers do you use with your students?

Watch Andy's ideas and leave your suggestions for warmers below.



Thank you for your great ideas :)

creating a word ladder is an excellent idea, i will definitely try it with my class. Well a correction if you dont mind. All 26 letters a-z is called an alphabet, if they are singled out then they are called letters of the alphabet.

Really liked all of them!!!I think even adults will enjoy!!!First class warmer: Box of matches - presentationStudents need to strike a match and talk about them to other students  as much as they can until the match goes off or it burns their fingers. Other students can make questions, too!!!Do this until all students have done their presentation.

Thanks Sheila for sharing. It can be adapted in various ways I think. I will use it for revision as well. 

It was very funny watching the video and it was useful too.Thanks for the ideas. I will use some of them in my lessons.

Thank you for a great video!I use vocabulary review warmers. I write the vocabulary from the previous lesson(s) on small pieces of paper and have my students to pull one out of a bag. Then, they either- explain it (taboo game)- draw it (with pre-set time limit)- mime it- organize it (into given groups)- find a partner (with a synonym, antonym, taboo game)These can be done as group work or pair work, depending on the size of the class. I encourage students to move around the classroom freely and acknowledge the completion of their task.Let me know what you think of it.Thanks Daniela

Great, Daniela!I'll use it with my little pupils. They are at age of 10. By the end of the term they are usually tired and I think your exercise will help them learn new words with enthusiasm.

Thanks a lot for filming what you do. The ideas are good and useful . Going to try them myself.

Now I realized why warmers are essential, the secret of what to include in them,  gave me a better understanding.
Thank you


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