What kind of warmers do you use with your students?

Watch Andy's ideas and leave your suggestions for warmers below.



Thank you!In particular, I'm looking forward to trying out:

  • Fizz, Boing, Bounce
  • Buzz


All are really good practical ideas for keeping your students engaged and changing the pace of your class. Really enjoyed too having a chance to see how the group of students reponded to each game. Thank you.

Divide the class into 2 teams (if you have too many students in each team, 6 is perhaps the maximum), the other teams can have a turn later.Divide the board into 4 sections with one vertical and one horzontal line.Write the same vocabulary you want on focus on in the 2 bottom sections of the board i.e. so the same words are duplicated.One member from each team comes to the board. The left side of the board belongs to one team, the right to the other.You give them clues to identify one of the words written on the board: by giving it's opposite, giving a situation when it's used, giving its definition.Members of the same team can help the person at the board to guess the word.The first person to write the right word in the top section of the board (or if you have an Interactive Whiteboard, to move it there) wins 1 point.The team with the most points wins.

Here's another idea:
Start with a sentence such as "I am going to the moon/When I go to the moon/I will go to the moon/a party/a desert island and I will bring..... (adjust sentence according to your lesson plan and tenses they've learned).
In order to join you on the trip, each pupil must bring something that fits the rule you've chosen, except that you don't tell them what the rule is - they have to figure it out. Some examples - a word beginning with the same letter as each person's first name, a word beginning with the last letter of the previous word, words that contain double letters, etc. The game continues until each pupil has found at least one object that he/she can bring.

Hi! Great ideas for warmers are here.I liked Change places (full of fun) game and Fortunately,Unfortunately  speaking activity.Fizz ..bounce is also interesting.I'll practice the activities out with my classes.Thank you for this video material. 

I used buzz as a warmer, I had good results. I´d try to use the others because they´re great. I´m sure my students will like them.

A game or a casual conversation can always act as a good warmer, both with kids and high school students.

I really liked the ideas, infuse some energy in the students. In fact it really works.
Here is another idea like creating a word ladder if you have a white board or flip-chart.  Start with any word and then let each student make a word with the last alphabet of the previous word. Make it challenging by sharing the word immediately without a pause. Children usually love it even elders too.

HiI really love to start my lessons with warmers in classes with younger children. But do you have any ideas to start with children at the age of 13-16; I have never had the courage to start there with a warmer as I am afraid I loose all control about my students - at that age they are just toooooooo funny!

Hi, Kids at any age are willing to dwell into some activity. May it be an intriguing word puzzle or generating a poem through a word game. I tried some brain teasers as a Morning challenge, worked like anything. Class discipline is never lost :)


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