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Voices from the new democracies: The impact of British English language teaching in Central and Eastern Europe

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This short 1996 booklet, edited by Jenny Pugsley and Geraldine Kershaw, aimed to evaluate, in an informal way, the ELT work of the British Council in central and eastern Europe, 1989–95, during the transition from Communism. The British Council was able, with new UK government funding, to step up its English language teaching and teacher training in the region, meeting rapidly growing demand from the new democracies.

Firstly, the authors provide as background, an outline of the expansion strategy adopted by the British Council. This is followed by illuminating quotations from local teachers and professionals from 12 countries. Significant roles played by the British Council are detailed, including supporting English language teaching projects, contributing to teacher education reform, producing materials, organising conferences and courses, providing resources, and facilitating training and institutional links with British universities and colleges.

This book is free to download below as a pdf file.