I have been teaching in Brazil for almost two years and I absolutely love what I do. Throughout these 19 months I have tried some activities with my groups, some were not very successful, but others worked out really well.


This is a revision activity.

  • Take the letters from the game of SCRABBLE, and use them for a new activity.
  • You can divide the class into groups, or make it an individual quiz. Personally, I need to make it individual as my classes are small.
  • Then, give around 15 letters to each group or student
  • Give each group eight minutes to try and make as many words as possible, but they also need to explain to the class the meaning of each word they make up, which can be by giving opposites or synonyms.
  • Every correct word can be worth one point, and every correct explanation can also be another point.

This activity has always helped my students to remember words that they have not used for a while, as well as allowing peer teaching. 



It is very good activity. I think for my students doing it in groups works out more.  In this case all students are involved even if they have difficulties with language. You are right  peer teaching has crucial influence in learning. I'd like to suggest the activity that I use to revise vocabulary. It is called "How many things can you think of that.....? procedure: In groups students try to think of and note down as many things as they can that fir in a given definition and that they know in English. For instance, you might tell them to think of as many items as they can that are small enough to fit into a matchbox. After two or three minutes, pool all the ideas on the board, or have a competition to see which group can think of the most items. Some examples for definition: ...... are bigger than you are? ........are round? ..... are long and thin? ....... make a noise?  etc. You can make it up.  

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