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View and teach, Series 1: 12 Films for teachers of English as a second language

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This 1964 booklet gives a summary of the main points in each film in the View and Teach series (produced by the BBC in association with the British Council) with suggestions for discussion by teachers after they have seen the films.


View and Teach was a series of films intended to help teachers of English as a second language use the direct method in schools. The films presented classroom scenarios, with the roles of ‘teachers in training’ acted out by students from the University of London. The action drew partly on the experience of teaching non-native speaker learners in UK schools, and children from three London schools played a part in filming. The Introduction deals with the ‘general argument of the films’, advice to teachers, and anticipated questions from teachers, for example, concerning examinations and the appropriateness of materials for different age groups.

This book is free to download below as a pdf file.