This published paper focuses on the mentoring role within a teacher development initiative in Thailand.

The journal article is based on research that was conducted as part of the British Council Thailand RETC (Regional English Training Centre) project. External mentors worked with English language teachers as a follow-up to a three-week in-service (INSET) course, nicknamed ‘bootcamp’ by the Thai Ministry of Education. Mentors reinforced content from this INSET course and guided teachers using a video-reflection process supported by an online platform (Iris Connect).

The article analyses both interviews with mentors and Thai teachers, as well as recordings of teacher-mentor discourse and video-club meetings in order to elaborate on elements of the mentors’ role and interaction in helping Thai teachers to be reflective about their practice and provide a contribution to our understanding of how mentors can support a video-based CDP intervention to promote teacher reflection.


Crighton, R, Edmett, A and Mann S. (2019) Video based observation and feedback for Thai in-service teachers: the mentor’s role. English Language Teacher Education and Development (22) 27-42.

The complete paper is freely available here:

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