Do you use songs in your lessons? How? Watch how Seema uses them and then share your ideas below!



it is a very nice idea...since one of my group class likes music maybe i could also use songs as part of my routines in teaching...thankyou..

Awesome!! The classroom is commoner to read or write but different thinking songs in the classroom. Excellent is thinking carry on this. Thanks. 

The browsers I use are Fifrefox and Chrome, but I can't watch the video clip.In Chrome, it says: Movie is not loaded.In Firefox, it says: Video format or MME type is not supported.

I think that using songs with young learners is a fabulous tool to let them learn in a motivating atmosphere .Yet , I wonder wether it is also successful with 13-year old or 14-year old learners.congratulations on your work with these girls and thank you for your precious tips .lallouch

I like to teach songs. so it's very helpful for me to teach.

No doubt songs are grate.
Does this site offer some specific songs and presents them to the teacher so that the teacher can learn and use them in the classroom; If not would' it be a good idea to introduce this kind of material.

To be more specific I am looking for songs like you are using in the classroom, you are doing it so well I want to study how to do it like you.

The songs are very interesting for my students . I use songs in my primari classes. When I teach a song they are happy .


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