Do you use songs in your lessons? How? Watch how Seema uses them and then share your ideas below!



Hi PalaceSorry to hear you're having problems with the video. What happens when you try to watch it? Is it possible to try to using a different browser or computer?Sally

I would like to inform about 2 EU funded projects that are making focused pedagogic resources for using music in language learning. FolkDC - using European folk songs in 10 languages with a full set of language, culture and musical activities for early language learners. PopuLLar - targeted at secondary school language learners. It is designed to keep them motivated by bringing the most important aspect of teenagers lives in to language learning - music (this is a new project so only a Facebook page so far  

The video was great!! is this teacher from England? she speaks perfect!! thanks for share that video.. 

I really like it! I just have a question, How long usually take them to learn the song? Do you usually teach the song first? Or first the grammar related to it?Thank you in advance, and have a nive weekVero

Hi VeroLearning a song is a gradual process that can be done over a number of lessons. Very young learners pick up grammar and vocabulary as they sing. Here’s just one way to teach a song:1)    Play /sing the song.  Do the actions and encourage the students to join in with the actions as they listen. You can invent simple actions for any song.2)    Play/sing short sections of the song and get students to repeat each part.3)    Play/sing the song and pause (or stop singing) for children to sing the last part, eg, T: Old Macdonald had a ……….SS: FarmYou can demonstrate that you want students to sing by cupping your ear with your hand.4)    Everyone sings and does actions together.It'd be great to hear more ideas on teaching songs. : )Sally

to make your teaching enjoyable , as a teacher, you have to be rather smart..... add some charming to chackle off the daily rootine and make your learners entertain and enjoy their learning as well. songs are very useful in this case .


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