Do you use songs in your lessons? How? Watch how Seema uses them and then share your ideas below!



Would you like to use nursrey rhymes for younger kidse.g. To achieve learning to count back wards with visual..use five little ducks went out one day, over the hills and far awayor ten green bottles sitting on the wallor ten little sausages sizzling in the goes fat and pop! 9 little ...My 5 year olds love this becasue they can sizzle like sausages and throw thier arms and legs up when they pop... Teaching two buckle my shoeStory telling....Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick sick sick check you tube for these things and if you can download hope this helps

Great Idea to motivate young generation in Learning English I like the idea very much and also want to use it in my future more than I expect. Also I have two kids at home they will be interested in English by this way... Thanks for sharing it with the ENGLISH TEACHERS 

I like so much the songs in my class. My students can identify many words, sentences and feelings, of course.They are very happy using songs and they can learn easily new vocabulary. Videos are used too, for example youtube. 

everyone loves songs. everyone needs something different to change the way of teaching in the classroom. So, I like the way when it is useful and helpful.Thank you very much.

I  enjoy teaching with songs because  pupils  like  that very  much . And  when  pupils like  what  they do  in class , learning is enhanced  and  imagination  is boosted. But  sometimes  i don't  find  the appropriate  educational  songs  can you help  me 

Great idea. I have used it for teaching when I used to teach in Fiji but here New Zealand, it's not much of a buzz about songs. It does teach a lot of things and also the fluency and confidence to say words. Also makes children creative and keen listeners when asked to insert their own actions. They try to give exact meaning to actions in relation.Love it. Songs in the classroom. Believe it not. I sometimees ask my students to make a rap about digestive system or read an article with music.

this method is really good i use some other songs in the class rooms for geting rhythm and stress would you mind giving me some liks for latest songs

 Your effort is praiseworty. You are a teacher with genuine interest in teaching. I wish I had the communication key with you.


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