Do you use songs in your lessons? How? Watch how Seema uses them and then share your ideas below!



I like songs. I use songs at the lessons. I teach my students. They also like.

thanks. the songs are enjoyable for kids and They like English by songs and the other activities...

Great job; thanks for sharing.  I'm not familiar with this song; can you post a link to it or to the lyrics?  Thank you!!!

I kinda made that one upIt's a bit of a mix actually...Got a few lyrics from the Education Bureau's  'Motion Song' at a Professional Development workshop in HK and put it to tune and mixed in the nursery rhyme 'Clap your hands'. It goes something like thisStand up tallAnd look at meAnd listen, and listen (I repeat this a few times to get them cupping their ears and bobbing their heads which gives them a few giggles)Go go forward (we shout out 'one two three' and take three steps)Go go backward (same)Turn aroundTouch the groundStand up tallAnd... (Nursery rhyme 'Clap your hands') <I like this version from Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes )Sit right down quietly................................................. 

Hi!You can pick songs that are popular right now and search for the lyrics on internet. Print it out and sing together. Just to see the words makes the students more aware of what they are singing. Even if you don´t move or dance, you can use the ability to sing together. Maybe you´ll find the recording on Spotify. Take the opportunity to talk about phrases in the song, vocabulary, translate it, what will the artist tells us, in which environment is this song written...I´m sure you will find a lot of tasks around the songs. Good luck!Eleonor, Sweden

I would love to have ideas for the same level of learners. In my school, English is supposed to be the second language but being in an interior town, my students are still weak in this language when it comes to conversation or speaking activity. Pls post any suggestions. Thanks.

I am a music buff and have a collection of different songs with activities designed for a lot of language areas (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, different skills), a lot of which can be used with adult learners as well.Here's my email and you can contact me if you like. I can send you activities if you tell me the topic and language area you need. Rgds,                                                                         Marina Hadziomerovic, Croatia 


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