Teachers often disagree on whether or not to use the phonemic chart in their lessons. Watch Peter and Clare argue for and against, then why not tell us what you think.

Do you use the phonemic chart with your students? Why? Why not?

Have a look at the TeachingEnglish phonemic chart.



I think that the phonemic chart is a tool necessary in the classroom, the students can know the pronunciation of he words, that is difficult for them.

Phonemic chart is important for the teachers in English as a secong language setting. Teachers need to master the sounds before they can introduce it to the pupils. 

Round about 2.30 the older lady, the "expert" makes a mistake with her "Front to back of the mouth"!!!!
I'm basing this off of the excellent Adrian Underhill videos on the IPA chart:
Watch video No3 from the 1 minute mark:
Adrian's explanation makes much more sense!

Do I win a prize?

Hi Jimmy,
Thanks for your comment. The video featured in this video is (as you can probably tell) is taken from a rather old pronunciation video (to highlight how pronunciation used to be taught). You are correct though that the position of the sound within the mouth from the front to the back varies from left to right on the chart (not up and down, as she seems to suggest). Thanks for sharing the excellent Adrian Underhill links. (Sorry, no prize!).

Using the phonemic chart in the classroom is crucial for sound awareness, especially in homogeneous groups where the same L1 is spoken. Why? For the simple fact that not all English sounds are available in the learners' L1. These unfamiliar sounds need to be explicitly shown in order for the learners to recognise them and be aware of the similarities and differences between their L1 and L2 sound repertoire. The brain has to identify the unknown sounds for later processing and production.


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