This lesson plan for teachers of primary students at intermediate level and above explores the topic of monkey facts and abilities. Students will develop reading skills and reinforce forms of the present tense.

Sue Clarke

This lesson exploits a story to develop the reading and vocabulary of primary-age learners. One of the main aims of using stories at this level is the general development of reading skills. Using longer story texts develops a far wider range of skills than is usually included in texts in primary coursebooks. In this story lesson, learners are given the opportunity to hear and read an original narrative story and build their knowledge of how a story develops.

Monkey facts and abilities

CEFR level B1+

60+ minutes


  • To develop reading skills by using a short, narrative story
  • To reinforce forms of the present tense, particularly third person


  • worksheet (one per learner)
  • Miko the monkey story text (one per learner)
  • pictures of various species of monkey (optional)


Thank you  for adding lesson plans for elementary and pre intermediate level of students. It will work out well with my students.  Some of my students like to read books. This is reading lesson followed  with interesting activities . I am going to use it in my lesson.  

Thank you for adding reading lesson plan for elementary and pre intermediate  level of students. I am going to use it with my 6th grade students who like reading books in english.  

I have used it in my class. My students liked it a lot. The story itself was very interesting. My students especially liked the "Crossword" where they were assingned to find out 12 words that was in the text.

Thank you for this lesson plan.My students liked it.They act and showed the main character of the monkeys and they made their own stories about their favourite animals

Hi Anton,This is an old plan, so the webpage it links to is no longer available. You can print out the texts from the lesson plan though.Sally

Thank you for the precious information .... but i haven't found the audio recording or the text for the story ... may you help me to get them ?

Hi attractive444

Can you please refer to Sally's post above explaining that this is an old plan and the weblinks are unavailable.

Best wishes

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