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TrashedWorld - a global schools' network for exchange projects on waste

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TrashedWorld is a global schools' platform for curriculum exchange work on the topic of waste with the dual aims of developing awareness of waste issues and developing skills and knowledge in the English language.

The materials include an archive of 50 video clips based on the award-winning documentary 'Trashed' from Blenheim Films, narrated by Jeremy Irons. Participants get study resources, teacher's notes and streamed or downloadable clips to watch in class.

At this stage the creators of TrashedWorld are keen to grow the network and so they are offering the first study unit free, so teachers can take a look at what's on offer. Registration is also free and you need to register to be able to use the search engine to find partners in other countries to work with. Additionally, if you are keen to get involved and think you can get colleagues and friends to join, they will give you a free year's subscription (normally EU10.00) if you register along with four others.

There is also the option to publish your students' work on the site, to share good practice with others, and this way help other young people develop skills for investigating waste in their own lives. There is a walkthrough video about the programme where you can see a presentation given about TrashedWorld at the Bulgarian English Teachers' Association Conference in June this year. You'll also find a short video with step-by-step instructions on how to register.
There are plans to produce more clips like these on actual exchange work and ideas as more products are received from participants with their fantastic ideas on adopting a sustainable lifestyle and learning about waste.