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Tracy Dumais - Children's apps you can trust

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This webinar uses lessons learned while developing of the British Council’s LearnEnglish Kids Playtime app to reflect on the issue of trust in Young Learner app design, marketing and use.

About the webinar

Using the design and development of the British Council’s mobile app LearnEnglish Kids Playtime as a starting point and taking a look at some other apps along the way, this webinar with Tracy Dumais examined the ideas that lie behind the concept of trust including issues like:

  • access to purchasing opportunities
  • exposure to advertising
  • quality content
  • addictive fun & habit formation
  • freedom to explore
  • integrated creativity
  • analytics privacy and data protection

About the speaker

Tracy Dumais is the Mobile Learning Consultant for the British Council. She is a young learner specialist and CELTA YL Extension Trainer She has worked for British Council for just over 10 years and was a senior teacher & academic manager before this post. Her interests include: digital citizenship, children’s media, child safety online, the role of games and play in learning.

Watch a recording of the webinar below